Club News Updated 2/21/2019

Our Last Club Trip was to Ballard Logging Road and beyond. We had 9 Guests and Mountaineers on our trip. As we reached Masonville, 2 more rides joined us. Snow bashing was the fun of the day with our new friends from Front Range of Colorado Off Road Club.

Please come join us at our next Club Meeting, the 3rd Wednesday of every month.

February 2019

Board Meeting: 2/11/2019 Craig Stumbough

Club Meeting: 2/20/2019 7:30 pm Knights of Columbus, 121 N. Meldrum, Ft. Collins

Club Trip: 2/24/2019 Swamp Creek Road, Stump Hill, Seven Mile.

March 2019

Board Meeting: 3/11/19 Greg Meyers

Club Meeting: 3/20/19 7:30 pm Knights of Columbus, 121 N. Meldrum, Fort Collins

Club Trip: 3/24/19 TBD

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