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Up coming Club trips:

August 25th come join us for a trip down Old Flowers Road and upper Greer Roads. Have lunch at Fish Creek. Enjoy the beautiful views and a great time in your 4 wheel drive.

Join us for adventure on Pole Hill. Leaving Loveland K-Mart at 9am July 21st.

Join us on June 23rd. Moody Hill is open.

At the Wednesday, March 20th, meeting the Mountaineers had a guest presentation by Nate Chilson. Nate was a guest for several club functions in his red Chevy K5 Blazer while he attended UNC in Greeley before moving to Thornton. On Wednesday, March 6th, Nate was on TV competing in a show called Truck Night in America on the History channel. Through skilled driving and perseverance, he was able to win. Before the meeting we had the chance to watch the show. During the meeting, Nate talked a little more about his experience and what the process was like.

Thank you Nate!

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