Who are the Mountaineers?

We are a family oriented club, organized in 1965, to promote and enjoy the recreation of four wheeling. Four wheeling involves driving a four wheel drive vehicle on roads and trails which are impassable to normal street vehicles. It’s often referred to as ” off-roading” but in most cases we use marked “roads” in order to protect the areas through which we travel. occasionally we play “off-road” on designated sand dunes or ice where it is a bit tough to “stay on the trail” since there is none.

Unlike the images portrayed by mass media and environmental groups, we are concerned with conserving the natural beauty of the State of Colorado and anywhere we four wheel. We believe strongly in the principles of Tread Lightly!  We also participate in both the Adopt-a-Trail and the Adopt-A-Highway programs.

We work closely with the US Forest Service in maintaining our adopted roads. We assist our community, Fort Collins, Colorado, by providing transportation during severe winter weather for employees and some patients of “critical need” groups like Poudre Valley Hospital, MCR, Good Samaritan Retirement Village and Meals-On-Wheels and by assisting groups like the American Red Cross and the Salvation Army in transporting supplies and the like to and from remote areas during crises.

How to Join:

All you need to do is attend three club functions within 90 days, one of which must be a club trip, own a four wheel drive vehicle (we welcome all vehicle types, however it must be four wheel drive with a low range, no all wheel drive vehicles) and be at least 18 years old.

Then what?

Once you’ve met these requirements, you’ll need to get a “Request for Membership” application from one of our board members, or download below, complete it and submit it along with a sponsoring member’s signature and $45, our yearly dues, to a board member. At the next board meeting the board will review your application and vote on your request. (It is rumored that the board has yet to decline a membership application.) Upon approval, you get a membership for the current year, which includes your immediate family. If you apply mid-year, your dues may be prorated.

Membership Application & Waiver

What do you get?

As a member you’ll receive a vehicle number, a choice of club license plate or magnetic 6″ logo, one vote in club procedures, an electronic copy of the monthly newsletter and more fun than you can imagine. This not only gets you a membership in the Mountaineers, but it also gets you an associate membership in the Colorado Off-Highway Vehicle Coalition (COHVCO). As a club we also donate to the COHVCO SOS Fund, Blue Ribbon Coalition, Tread Lightly, Stay the Trail, CORE, and Colorado Off Road Trail Defenders.  As a regular member, you’ll be eligible to run for a board position the end of the current year of your application approval provided you have been a member for at least six months. We recommend at least a years membership before running for board positions to familiarize yourself with our procedures. The board positions are as follows: President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and 4 Trip Planners. We also have various functions which require member participation, not limited to, but including newsletter editor, Land Use coordinator, webmaster, refreshments, fund raising, etc.

What if you don’t or can’t qualify?

If you cannot or don’t want to meet our regular membership requirements, an associate membership is available upon request for $15 and entitles you to receive our monthly newsletter. If you’re under 18, bring your parent or guardian and get them to join. Their membership includes you.

Where do you go to attend a meeting or club trip?

Our monthly Club Meetings are at 7:00 P.M. the third Wednesday of each month at the Fort Collins Senior Center, 1200 Raintree Dr, Fort Collins.  We then meet the following Sunday for our Club Trip at the King Soopers’s parking Lot N. College and Willox in Fort Collins and depart at 8 or 9 AM, depending on the trip. Our trips are planned beforehand and led by our trip planners. Feel free to contact us for more information.  See the meetings and trips pages for more information.

Why Join the Mountaineers?

You get the opportunity to four wheel at least once a month with a group of like-minded four wheelers. You get to meet new people who love to play in the beautiful Colorado back country. You get discounts at local auto parts and 4×4 stores like: Bullhide 4×4, 4X4 Off-Road, and 4 Wheel Parts.. You get to keep roads open through membership in Colorado Off-Highway Vehicle Coalition (COHVCO) and CORE.  You get to help clean up the local roads we use the most through the Adopt-A-Trail Program of the US Forest Service and lots more, come on out and try it!

Adopt-A-Trail and Adopt-A-Highway

This program allows clubs/groups to assist in maintaining and cleaning-up roads frequently used by the clubs, often allowing the roads to remain open. This is done in conjunction with the US Forest Service.  The Mountaineers adopt several four wheel drive roads in the area.

Kelly Flats

Located off of State Highway 14 approximately 40 miles west of Fort Collins, Colorado. You can see footage of several Mountaineers in the Rick Russell Colorado Video Series #11: Colorado Trails Vol. II. Kelly Flats is a fun road with a variety of challenges, with rock and loose-dirt hill climbs and depending on the time of year, some challenging mud on the upper end of the trail. Kelly Flats is closed seasonally in the winter by the US Forest Service.

Seven Mile Creek
CURRENTLY CLOSED DUE TO FIRE IMPACTS – We are working with the FS to get it reopened ASAP!

Located just north of Rustic, Colorado on State Highway 14 approximately 48 miles west of Fort Collins, Colorado. Seven Mile is a medium challenging road that is a real blast in the winter when the snow makes it quite challenging. Seven Mile has some creek crossings and lots of small to medium rocks. The mud is a challenge in the spring and the snow makes the road a winter favorite for the club. There are several old mines just off the road and even an active one at the beginning. Seven Mile is open year round for now. The US Forest Service has closed the trail during spring run off on unusually wet years.

Moody Hill

Located off County Road 44H, west of Fort Collins, Colorado. Moody is a moderate road that has some steep climbs and now some very rocky sections due to fire impacts.The Quarry is a nice playground area that will challenge just about any rig, even well built buggies. Moody Hill is closed by the Forest Service during the winter months.

Ballard Road
CURRENTLY CLOSED DUE TO FIRE IMPACTS – We are working with the FS to get it reopened ASAP!

Greer Road

Adopt-A-Highway Information:

In addition to our adopted four wheel drive roads we adopt a section of Highway 14 though CDOT.  Our clean-up location ;ocated on State Highway 14 at Mile Marker #119, west of Fort Collins, is our designated Adopt-A-Highway cleanup area. We clean up trash from the sides of the road four times per year and help keep the Colorado roadside a beautiful place. We’ve chosen this area because we frequently pass this spot on our way to many of our club trips and events.

Colorado State Highway 14 is a scenic highway that follows the Cache La Poudre River up the canyon with spectacular views of the sheer canyon walls and Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep, the Official Colorado State Animal. This highway connects US Highway 287 north of Fort Collins to the town of Walden in North Park.

Our Adopt-A-Highway cleanups are scheduled by the Board depending on weather and other events. As always, donuts and orange juice (not from concentrate) will be available or a stop for pancakes at the Braskich home. With enough people it usually takes less than 45 minutes. We meet at our section of highway which starts at Mile Marker #119. There is always an unusual array of trash to be picked up and a lot of it makes for good conversation. Occasionally, some of it borders on bizarre.